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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a very serious medical condition that can truly wreak havoc on one’s overall health; untreated sleep apnea can lead to major problems in heart health, brain health, among many others. 

Snoring is what most people associate with OSA.  As unpleasant as snoring is, the far more concerning factor is what this snoring means.  Typically in OSA, snoring will be accompanied by a sound of gasping for air.  The term “apnea” literally means the “cessation of breath”.  People suffering from sleep apnea are stopping their breathing while they sleep. 

The typical solution offered to OSA patients upon being diagnosed is the CPAP machine.  CPAP has been widely considered the “gold standard” for treating sleep apneaHowever, the problem is that an estimated 50% or more of patients who start CPAP therapy discontinue use within the first year.

  • Are you one of the many who find the CPAP to be completely uncomfortable?
  • Do you find yourself more often than not putting your CPAP under the bed?

If so I have a solution! I am Dr. Greenburg and the sole focus of my practice is assisting people overcome this condition without the use of CPAP.  I treat the severest of cases, even those which most health care professionals claim cannot be treated with anything other than CPAP and have done so using Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT).

I accomplished this by inventing my own custom “hybrid” oral appliance that has tremendously high success rates with even the most severe of OSA patients.  Even if you have previously tried oral appliance therapy with no success, I can assure you that my appliance will deliver the results you are looking for!

I encourage you to contact my office and make an appointment today.  We offer free sleep consultations in which I will fully explain what sleep apnea is, how my treatment options will help you achieve the level of quality sleep your body needs to maintain good overall health, and of course to stop the dreaded snoring accompanied by this condition!

There are five practice locations in the Greater Southern California Area: Encino, Newport Beach, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Valencia.  Come see why our sleep apnea treatments are considered amongst the elite. 

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